Production Technician Part Time
BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ Social Impact Fellowship


Montgomery Community Media is a non-profit, community media organization serving Montgomery County, Md. We provide access to video 生产 equipment and facilities, 和多媒体培训,以帮助县居民创建和分享自己的媒体内容. 另外, MCM为其他非营利组织和县政府机构提供媒体制作服务,以满足他们的视频制作需求. Our team also creates and shares hyper-local news stories, providing residents with reliable, trustworthy information about their communities. MCM维护多个共享内容的平台,包括几个访问有线电视频道, lnwxyo.cadillaccar.net and multiple social media platforms.

我们致力于雇用那些被驱使在我们的社区产生影响的人,并相信我们为所有县居民提供媒体访问的使命. MCM致力于通过积极倡导员工和利益相关者的多样性来建立和维护包容性文化,从而在社区媒体中创造更公平的空间. 我们重视所有人的独特身份和经历,欢迎您的申请.

Why You Should Choose MCM

  • 带薪假期
  • 优秀的好处
  • Collaborative and diverse staff
  • Culture of inclusion, innovation, and teamwork
  • 灵活的工作时间
  • Opportunity for growth and training

Production Technician Part Time

该职位协助生产协调员在生产技术方面为县议会和MCT生产. 作为制作团队成员参与各种工作室和现场制作,并提供指导以保持专业氛围.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 协助生产协调员处理所有生产的技术问题,包括现场调查, 设备打包, 设置, 生产, strike, 设备存储.
  • Participate as an assigned crew member for various 生产s. Assigned crew responsibilities include all studio and field positions.
  • Develop 生产 skills as camera operator, 技术总监, 音频的人, 工作室的主管, 讲词提示装置 和照明 set up.
  • 根据需要临时替代制作协调员和后期协调员.
  • Assist producers in creation and coordination of program 生产.
  • Assist with studio 设置 and facilities oversight.
  • 维护和遵循所有生产和后期生产程序,以确保最高的生产标准.
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned.

Preferred 资格:

  • Position requires two to five years of 生产 experience, with an emphasis on EFP, 英格 and studio style 生产.
  • 熟悉广播和工业视频制作设备,对数字格式有较强的工作知识.
  • Familiar with and possess advanced technical skills 包括 camerawork, 照明, 英格, live streaming and non-linear editing.

Minimum 资格:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Production, or related Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree also may apply. Adequate work experience may substitute for education requirement.
  • Commitment to community media, 公共, 教育 and 政府 (PEG) access cable television, first amendment rights and public interest telecommunications.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with 生产 and technical teams.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet established deadlines.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with government 年龄ncies, community groups and individuals unfamiliar with the 生产 process.
  • Proven track record in video 生产, 包括, 规划和监督, 在视频节目的开发和/或内容生产者的客户服务.
  • 具备各种视频制作环境的工作知识和经验, equipment and/or systems, and Mac or PC-based applications and tools, specifically with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, 访问及PowerPoint).
  • Clean driving record and valid MD Driver’s License. 能够提供自己的交通工具,以参加会议和活动离开办公室.

工作类型: 兼职


MCM为所有员工和求职者提供平等的就业机会(EEO),不分种族, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 年龄, 残疾, 或基因. In 添加ition to federal law requirements, MCM遵守有关就业不歧视的所有适用的州和地方法律.


这是临时的, 兼职职位,工作时间根据培训计划灵活安排,平均每周约4-20小时. Heavy emphasis on evening and weekend hours.


  • 协助教学-熟悉所有课堂程序和媒体设备的使用. To assist instructors in all aspects of media training, which may include field 生产 or studio classes.
  • 在现场制作课上助教将协助教授摄像机的操作, 录像记录, 灯, 麦克风, audio and editing equipment.
  • 在演播室课堂上,助教将搭建演播室并协助教学摄像机, 切换器, 字符发生器, 音频板, 播客, 媒体录音机, 讲词提示装置, 和照明.
  • 学生监督-作为MCT代表监督学生项目, 编辑会话, 或产品. To ensure equipment safety and adherence to project guidelines.
  • Set up studio and classroom prior to 生产 or class.
  • Certification Testing – Administer and evaluate written & demonstration tests for certification.
  • Assist in the 生产 of MCM-supervised programs.
  • Other duties as assigned.

职位描述中列出的职责和责任通常涵盖了分配到该职位的个人所执行的工作的性质和水平. 这并不是所有职责、责任和所需技能的完整列表. The company man年龄ment reserves the right to modify, 添加, or remove duties and to assign other duties as may be necessary.

What You’ll Need to Succeed:

  • 电视传播专业大专以上学历或相关经验.
  • Basic electronic field 生产 skills.
  • Basic studio 生产 skills.
  • Basic video editing skills.
  • Basic 播客 skills.
  • 有指导个人使用电视设备的经验者优先.
  • 能够与不熟悉电视制作的学生合作.
  • Sensitivity and patience in instructing community volunteers.

MCM为所有员工和求职者提供平等的就业机会(EEO),不分种族, color, 宗教, 性, 国家的起源, 年龄, 残疾, 或基因. In 添加ition to federal law requirements, MCM遵守有关就业不歧视的所有适用的州和地方法律.

BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ Social Impact Fellowship

Transforming Communities Through Digital Storytelling 


足球外围最靠谱的平台的数字未来研究所邀请申请BIPOC和LGBTQIA+社会影响奖学金. 这一独特的倡议旨在扩大不同的声音,促进媒体的公平代表性. We are seeking passionate, 来自BIPOC和LGBTQIA+社区的创意人士,他们致力于利用数字媒体作为一个有影响力的故事讲述平台. 作为一个伙伴, 您将利用尖端的数字工具和讲故事的技巧,把你的叙述生活, contributing to a more inclusive and representative media landscape. 


  • 创建具有吸引力和影响力的数字内容,反映蒙哥马利县BIPOC和LGBTQIA+社区的经验和观点, MD. 
  • Participate in training sessions covering digital 生产, multimedia storytelling, 新闻伦理, and emerging media technologies. 
  • 与同事和导师合作开发和完善讲故事的项目. 
  • 通过参与社区外展和参与活动,为数字未来研究所的更广泛使命做出贡献. 
  • Present your work in public forums, 包括放映, 展览, 以及数字平台, to reach a wide audience. 


  • 对数字叙事、新闻或媒体制作有浓厚兴趣. Prior experience is beneficial but not required. 
  • Identification as a member of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ communities. 
  • A commitment to racial equity, social justice, and inclusivity in media. 
  • Creative thinker with excellent communication skills. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a diverse and dynamic environment. 
  • 乐于接受反馈并渴望持续学习. 


  • Duration: The fellowship will run for a period of 12 weeks, with the possibility of extension based on performance and project needs.  
  • 工作时间:每周20小时 
  • 津贴:每位研究员将获得1,000美元的津贴,以支持他们参与该计划.
    地点:该奖学金将设在银泉市的新世代媒体实验室, MD, with opportunities for remote participation as projects allow.


有意者请于6月1日前提交简历和求职信 to ECE@cadillaccar.net 


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